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Student Speakers - 2022

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Swathi Ramachandra Upadhya
Ph.D Student 
School of Computer Science UCD

Swathi is a Ph.D. candidate in Dr. Colm Ryan's group in Systems Biology Ireland and School of Computer Science, University College Dublin. She has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University, India, and M.Sc in Computer Science from University College Dublin, Ireland. Before joining the program for a master's degree, Swathi worked as a Software Engineer for three years in Siemens Healthcare, India. Her research areas of interest include proteogenomics, cancer, and machine learning.

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Daragh O'Boyle
Ph.D Student

Daragh is a bioinformatics researcher in the final year of his PhD at INFANT research centre and the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience in University College Cork. His work is focused on analysing clinical, proteomic and metabolomic data using machine learning and biostatistical techniques to detect potential predictive biomarkers, with a main focus on creating early life diagnostics to aid in the treatment of hypoxic infants as well as to shed light on the underlying mechanisms leading to autism spectrum disorder and preterm birth.

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Sophie Cunningham
Snr Analyst & Lab Manager
Connolly's Red Mills

Sophie Cunningham, Connolly's RED MILLS, Senior Analyst and Laboratory Manager. Sophie is currently studying a MSc in Analytical Science with Quality Management at WIT, with a previous First Class Honour degree in BSc in Agricultural Science. Sophie is employed full time by Connolly's RED MILLS to manage their QC Laboratory and develops LCMS methods on feed samples matrices. To date she has developed a mycotoxin method using HRAM LCMS to analyse 15 mycotoxins in one run. She has also added and developed methods to analyse Cannabinoids, beta agonists and naturally occurring prohibited substances using Thermo Scientific Orbitrap technology.

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