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Speaker Guidelines

The purpose of the IMSS is to promote and disseminate knowledge of Mass Spectrometry and to provide a forum for practitioners of Mass Spectrometry. The membership extends across a wide variety of disciplines, all connected by an interest and dependence on Mass Spectrometry. This needs to be kept in mind when preparing a presentation for the IMSS annual meeting. The following are guidelines which should be taken into account when preparing a presentation for the IMSS annual meeting. This is based primarily on feedback from attendees over the years.

1. There must be strong emphasis on Mass Spectrometry and the presentation should include at least 30% content specifically relating to Mass Spectrometry.

2. The Mass Spectrometry systems which are used in any work presented, as well as any peripheral components used, should be clearly stated. State the LC or GC used, the source used, the type of mass spectrometer (brand, model and type). Use pictures and schematics as much as possible.

3. Nowadays the innovations in MS are as much about software as hardware. As with the hardware state the software used and the specific parts and packages used.

4. The pros and cons of the systems used, Hardware and Software, should be considered. If there was something that the system cannot do that you would like it to be able to do, include this as there may be someone present who has had a similar problem and has valuable experience that can be shared. If there is something the system is good at doing, state that too, as someone may be interested in using your system and might value this type of information.

5. Keep in mind that the scientific heterogeneity of the audience and be sure to pitch the presentation at scientists generally rather than a room full of Forensic Toxicologists or Metabolomics Ph.D candidates, depending on your discipline.

6. If you have a new system that is state of the art and you have some work done on it, but maybe not enough for a publication, think about presenting your experience with this system, as the attendees are always involved in procuring new systems and the more we know about these from real users the better and there is no better place to share this information that the IMSS.

7. Please remember to state any potential conflict of interest when presenting.

8. Please provide an electronic copy of your presentation to your IMSS contact at least 72 hours before the meeting. Please arrive on time and make sure there is an up to date e-copy of your presentation on the presentation laptop.

9. Normal presentations are 25 mins which allows for 20 mins of presentation and 5 mins of questions. Student presentation are sometimes a little shorter, 15 mins, 10mins for presentation and 5mins for questions, but its best to check with your IMSS contact. Keynote presentation are normally first on the day and can be up to an hour so 50 mins for presentation and 10 mins for questions is recommended. Whichever presentation you are giving try to leave time for questions and indeed if you have any questions the floor is yours.

10. Please note that this is not a sales pitch, this is an opportunity to highlight the capabilities of an instrument, not to sell it.

11. Finally, please be assured that if your presentation follows these general guidelines it will receive a warm reception and will be very much appreciated

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