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Student Speakers - 2024

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Padraig Maher
Clinical Biochemist
St James' Hospital 

Padraig is a clinical biochemist in the biochemistry department of St. James's hospital and a final year PhD student at Trinity College Dublin. His research interests are vitamin D, bone health and investigating alternative methods to monitor biomarkers in humans and animals.

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Swathine Chandrasekaran
Ph.D Student

Swathine Chandrasekaran, a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher and PhD candidate at the Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS), Queen's University Belfast, specializes in the analytical science of nutrition, focusing on the role of Queuosine (Q) as a micronutrient in human ageing and brain health. Swathine's work seeks to advance our understanding of nutrition, metabolism, and ageing, with the ultimate goal of improving human well-being through evidence-based interventions.

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Katheryn Yeow
Ph.D Student 
UCD School of Chemisty 

Kathryn earned her bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences mod. Chemistry from Trinity College Dublin. In September 2020, she joined the O’Reilly group at University College Dublin to pursue PhD studies in the field of biocatalysis funded by Science Foundation Ireland. Her research combines synthetic organic and biocatalytic methods to synthesize valuable natural products.

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