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Speakers - 2019

Michael Boyne is the VP of Product Development and Analytics at Cour Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Boyne oversees the overall pipeline and all aspects of CMC and R&D. Before joining Cour, he was a Senior Consultant at BioTechLogic where he advised pharmaceutical manufacturers on drug development and CMC strategy. Prior to consulting, he was a Research Chemist in the Division of Pharmaceutical Analysis at the FDA where he established a laboratory using modern analytical technologies for the evaluation and regulation of complex drug products.

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Dr. Michael Boyne

Vice President

Product Development 

Cour Pharmaceuticals 

Michael has authored over 40 peer-reviewed publications and is an internationally recognized speaker on the application of modern analytical technologies to drug development. He is the past chair of the 15th Symposium on the Practical Applications of Mass Spectrometry in the Biotechnology Industry and sits on the organizing committee for the CASSS meeting on Cell and Gene Therapies. Michael was a postdoctoral scholar at WU Medical School in Saint Louis where he was an American Cancer Society/Canary Foundation Fellow in Early Detection. 

Keynote Speaker 2019
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Dr. John Keegan 

Public Analysts Laboratory


The Public Analyst Laboratory is a modern food safety facility which plays its full part in ensuring that, with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, the Environmental Health Service and other agencies, the food available for the Irish consumer is safe and wholesome. We are an Official Food Control laboratory within the HSE.

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Dr. Noemi Dorival-Garcia

Research Fellow

NIBRT - Dublin

With a PhD in Analytical Chemistry, and experience in MS based methods (LC/GC/ICP)  I work on developmenting/validating methods in complex matrices to determine the emergence of contaminants, and to monitor/regulate contaminants in wastewater, composting plants, drinking water and regulatory agencies.

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Dr. Olivier Chevallier

Manager of Mass Spectrometry Core Unit

Queen's University Belfast

My talk will present new integrated approaches to tackle global rice fraud.

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Dr. Paula Meleady

Associate Director

National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology

I am interested in the proteomic and phosphoproteomic analysis of recombinant mammalian cells to improve biopharmaceuticals. This involves  genetically engineering cells to produce recombinant protein products more efficiently. I also perform research into the proteomic analysis of membrane proteins from cancers to identify cell surface targets that may be amenable to therapeutic intervention.

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Dr. Sanja Trajkovic

Head of Proteomics & Analytical Science

Nuritas Ltd.

At Nuritas our mission is clear, we want to use our unique capabilities to tackle the health challenges facing the world of today as well as the world of tomorrow and, ultimately, improve the lives of billions of people around the globe.

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Dr. Sara Carillo 
Applications Development Team Leader

Dr. Sara Carillo is the applications development team lead in the Characterization and Comparability Laboratory in NIBRT. Sara completed her PhD in Chemical Science at the University of Naples in 2013 working on the structural characterization of  bacterial glycoconjugates. In 2015, Sara joined Dr. Jonathan Bones’s research group in NIBRT, working on CHO cell glycome and biotherapeutics characterization.

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